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An area the JA Autos team specialises in is brake and clutch replacement and repairs. We carry out these services for motorists in Crawley, and from all throughout wider West Sussex – including Gatwick, Horsham and Horley. It’s of vital importance to look after both these essential components, which have a lot to say in regards to road safety and vehicle performance. With over 50 years of experience in the trade, our technicians can quickly get to the bottom of any on-going issues you’re experiencing.

All parts used in everything from repairing brakes to a clutch replacement meet OEM standards and come with 12-month guarantees as standard. We urge motorists around our principal service areas of Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley to act quickly when spotting any of the symptoms listed below, as continuing to use your vehicle can make matters worse, leading to serious damage that costs a bundle to put right, and your safety being put at risk.

Common Symptoms of Worn Brakes

Odd Sounds – There are a litany of noises that can signal brake trouble, including grinding, rumbling, squealing and screeching. These noises can mean worn pads, shoes or brake discs, which may need to be replaced to ensure you can stop suddenly when required, and related components aren’t damaged.

Vibrating in Wheel or Pedal – Another common symptom, usually showing up as you slow down or come to a halt, often caused by different brake components rubbing together. This can generate heat and cause damage to other aspects of your brake system, making it a good idea for Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley motorists to attend to the issue ASAP.

Acrid Smell – An acrid, burning smell emerging from around your tyres usually signals serious brake trouble. Our technicians will be able to run diagnostics and isolate the cause of the issue, before recommending how to rectify it and issuing a no obligation, competitive quote for car repairs.

Poor Response – Does it take more effort to apply your brakes than you’re used to? This often signals worn pads. It’s worth investing in replacement pads sooner rather than later, otherwise stopping distance can suffer, putting you, fellow motorists and pedestrians at risk.

Dashboard Lights Illuminated – Need we say more? The warning light corresponding to your brakes lighting up is a sure fire sign it’s time to visit a mechanical garage, like JA Autos in Crawley, near Gatwick, Horsham and Horley.

Common Symptoms of Worn Clutches

Difficulty Changing Gear – If your clutch is loose, making it hard (or totally impossible) to cycle through gears, it might be that it’s coming to the end of its lifespan. Diagnostics will quickly tell our technicians if it’s repair, or an outright clutch replacement that’s the best course of action.

Significant Noise – Do you find your vehicle is noisy when sitting in neutral, and that this vanishes when the clutch pedal is applied? This usually signals a worn input shaft bearing, which will almost certainly require replacement. We can quickly carry this out at our workshop near Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley – at rates cheaper than you’ll find at fast-fits and major dealerships.

Alternatively, a racket when you’re pushing down on your clutch can suggest a different type of trouble – a problem with the clutch fork, perhaps a lack of lubricant or a worn spring. Noise during acceleration can mean a loose grip on the flywheel. Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley motorists who continue to ride on it without repair can expect to require a clutch replacement in not too long!

Slow Acceleration – Moving away from a stop slowly, especially when your engine is still revving up quickly, is a sure-fire sign of clutch trouble. It can be due to a lack of friction and a worn clutch, or a transmission fluid/oil leak. Worth immediate investigation.

Experiencing trouble with your brakes or clutch? JA Autos is the Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley areas’ go-to for everything from brake repair to clutch replacement. Call us on 01293 278 346.