The Gold Standard for Car Servicing, MOT Testing & Car Repairs in Gatwick | JA Autos

Many of our customers originally went to dealerships or much larger competitors – such as national fast-fits – whenever they required car repairs, car servicing, DPF cleaning or MOT testing. The reasons for them jumping ship are diverse: convenience due to our close location to Gatwick (in Ifield), a personal recommendation from a friend or family member, or just wanting to see for themselves why independent garages are as popular as they are. They visit for everything from a new set of tyres to a clutch replacement, car air conditioning re-gassing, or new cambelts, gearboxes or tyres…

...but there are still plenty who remain unconvinced of the benefits of an independent garage. So on this page, we’ve looked to jot some down of the top reasons to consider a garage like JA Autos the next time you require any of the aforementioned services, from car repairs to car servicing, MOT testing to DPF cleaning…

Why Choose an Independent Garage?

A Personalised Service – We love nothing more than building long-term relationships with customers, learning about their needs and their vehicle, to ensure the best possible experience and quality of service when they visit our garage. For example, we can communicate with a commercial client in the Gatwick area who requires a fleet of LGVs maintained and certified year-round through incremental interim and full car servicing, MOT testing and DPF cleaning, ensuring they never miss a deadline or overlook essential maintenance.

The same standard of communication goes for dealings with our domestic clients. Our databases can inform us of your next MOT expiring, for example – if you wish us to remind you when the next test should be approaching. And because our team is small and close-knit, you’ll be dealing with the same mechanics who have a real knowledge of your vehicle – e.g having repaired gearboxes, cambelts or tyres, servicing car air conditioning systems, carrying out a clutch replacement etc. This is opposed to going to a larger competitor around Gatwick where you might deal with a different mechanic each time.

Cheaper Cost – For many Gatwick motorists, the fact that car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing and DPF cleaning is often cheaper at a small independent garage than at a chain garage or dealership is enough to convince them we’re the team for the job. But, why are we cheaper? Simply put, our small team size and premises makes for smaller operating costs, and our self-governance means we can react to prices offered by competitors in real time.

It doesn’t mean we skimp out on the quality of labour you receive (as our mechanics are highly experienced), or the parts we use during car repairs or car servicing. Whether you’re in for new gearboxes, cambelts, car air conditioning components, tyres or a clutch replacement – you’ll receive OEM parts and never anything inferior. We’re so confident in the parts we use, that they come with a 12 month guarantee. This compliments our standard 12 month guarantee on workmanship.

Support a Local Business – In an era where chains are taking over our high streets, it can simply feel right to support local businesses who recruit local people, and help local residents. You make a conscious decision that the money you pay for car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing goes back into your broad community – rather than to board rooms and investors who are solely out to make a profit.

Our Ifield garage is just a short drive from Gatwick, and we offer a pick up and drop off service for all car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing requirements. Call us on 01293 278 346.