Maintaining & Repairing Your Car Air Conditioning in Crawley & West Sussex| JA Autos

Keeping your car air conditioning system operating efficiently makes for a comfortable, temperature controlled driving experience, and circulates clean air to breathe whenever you’re making a journey from A to B. The best way to keep your air con in tip-top condition is to invest in car air conditioning servicing every two years, and to see to any issues as and when they arise. You can do both these things at JA Autos in Ifield, a short drive from Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley.

If it’s been some time since your car air conditioning was seen to (remember, it’s not thoroughly checked during standard car servicing) – book in for an inspection at our workshop. We’ll test system pressure, check for any refrigerant leaks, and note the current refrigerant levels. A temperature check will then be conducted, and we’ll inspect the compressor, condenser and hoses which make up your car air conditioning system.

Should we find a leak, we can repair it, and if we find damaged or worn components they can be replaced; refrigerant levels can also be topped up to make your car air conditioning system run as if it were brand new – ensuring motorists around Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley keep their cool in the summer, and stay warm in the winter!

The Importance of a Car Air Conditioning Service

One crucial reason why car air conditioning servicing is important is the fact that harmful allergens and pathogens can work their way deep within your system over time. This causes bacteria to circulate when you run your air con, which can create or antagonise health issues – from allergic reactions to asthma. A service sees your system cleared out, banishing these unwanted residents!

A service will also keep your system running smoothly and effectively. It can even improve fuel efficiency, as it won’t have to work as hard as it previously did, drawing on your engine and thus its fuel supply. Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley motorists can book in car air conditioning servicing alongside their standard full or major car servicing appointment, if it’s been some time since it received professional attention.

So book in at JA Autos near Crawley on 01293 278 346. We’re bona fide car air conditioning specialists with the know-how to keep your system running effectively, all year round.