Take the Stress Out of Staying Certified With Our MOT Testing in Gatwick | JA Autos

Any vehicle over three years’ old is legally obliged to undergo annual MOT testing at a DVSA-approved facility. JA Autos in Ifield, just a short drive from bustling areas like Crawley, Horsham, Horley and Gatwick, is one such facility. As an independently owned and operated garage with five Level 3 qualified MOT testers, we’ll ensure that keeping your vehicle certified as road-legal is as painless and affordable as possible.

We carry out class II, IV, V and VII MOT testing which covers motorbikes, passenger vehicles, light and heavy goods vehicles, taxis and ambulances – and most other vehicle types. This makes us a great option for both domestic clients who need their family vehicle tested once per year, and commercial clients who need a fleet of LGVs and HGVs certified.

Our MOT testing is carried out to the same standards as you’d receive at dealerships and fast-fits, but is priced at a more affordable rate. And with JA Autos’ extended opening hours, which run from 8:00am to 6:00pm most weekdays, we ensure Crawley, Horsham, Horley and Gatwick motorists can find a convenient time to have their MOT conducted.

If you lack the time to stick around during your MOT, we offer a free collection and drop-off service for those in our principal service areas. Other ways we look to raise the bar in regards to MOT testing include a reduced price when combined with interim or full annual car servicing, and by informing our repeat clients that they need to book their test before it expires.

What’s Involved in MOT Testing?

An extensive checklist of tests and visual inspections which look to test vehicle safety, emission levels and roadworthiness. The test usually takes around 45 minutes to complete. Aspects of MOT testing include:

  • VIN & Registration Plate
  • Windscreen Wipers
  • Washer Jets
  • Mirrors & Doors
  • Brakes & Clutches
  • Fuel System Inspection
  • Lights & Indicators
  • Exhausts & Emissions
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Chassis & Vehicle Structure

How Can I Increase the Chances of Passing First Time?

Stay on top of car servicing by booking in for a full annual or major service at JA Autos every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first, and an interim service every additional 6,000 miles should you get heavy use out of your vehicle. In addition, see to any issues as soon as you identify them by visiting our garage near Crawley, Horsham, Horley and Gatwick for diagnostics and any required car repairs.

What Happens if I Fail MOT Testing?

First of all, don’t panic – failing MOT testing is remarkably common, and often due to easy-to-rectify faults. Our mechanics will explain their findings in clear and concise terms, and suggest the best course of action. It might be a simple, on the spot adjustment that is required – or something that calls for more thorough car repairs. If the latter, we’ll issue you a costed quote and you can decide whether to have the worked carried out at JA Autos. If you do select to have the work carried out at our garage, we’ll provide a free-retest once it’s completed.

Book in MOT testing at JA Autos in Ifield, just a short drive from Crawley, Horsham, Horley and Gatwick. Call our team today on 01293 278 346.