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Whether you’re a repeat customer or someone who has just learned about the work we do at JA Autos – from fitting cambelts and tyres, to repairing gearboxes and brakes, or carrying out a clutch replacement – it stands to reason you might have a question or two for our team! To provide an easy resource, we’ve looked to form an FAQ on this page, specifically targeting clients in Horley, an area from which many customers visit us. It covers a range of topics, from car repairs and car servicing, to MOT testing, DPF cleaning, and car air conditioning re-gassing.

JA Autos – Horley Clients’ Questions Answered

How often should I invest in car servicing?
The vast majority of manufacturers recommend a full car servicing appointment be scheduled in every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever rolls rounds first; Horley motorists who get a lot of use out of their vehicle, easily exceeding that 12,000 miles figure, should also look into booking interim car servicing around the half-way point between annual services.

How can I ensure my car air conditioning functions efficiently year-round?
Firstly, it’s important that any signs of car air conditioning trouble are investigated at your earliest convenience; simply visit JA Autos near Horley for diagnostics, and any subsequent car repairs that will restore functionality. Secondly, book in for car air conditioning servicing every 2 years or so. This is because car air conditioning is not a component that receives any attention during traditional car servicing, and due to a natural amount of charge leaking during use (your system will need re-charging from time to time, and the serve is a great opportunity to do so).

Am I exempt from MOT testing?
The only MOT testing exemptions are:

  • Horley motorists with vehicles less than three years old.
  • Customers driving vehicles that were manufactured over 40 years ago – with no substantial changes made in the past 30.

What categories do you offer MOT testing for?
We handle MOT testing for category II, IV, V and VII vehicles.

What is DPF cleaning and when might I require it?
DPF cleaning is exactly what it says on the tin: the manual cleaning out of your vehicle’s diesel particulate filter. Some Horley motorists find that their driving styles make automatic regeneration – which is triggered while driving for sustained periods at medium to high speeds – sufficient for keeping their DPF unclogged. But those who find automatic regeneration insufficient, and their DPF warning light illuminated, should visit JA Autos. We’ll use specialist equipment to provide manual regeneration, clearing it out.

When should I replace my tyres?
There are a few causes for a change:

  • You’ve sustained a serious puncture in a location of the tyre that can’t be legally patched.
  • The side walls of your tyres are badly damaged, perhaps due to contact with kerbs or another vehicle.
  • Your tyres have less than 1.6mm tread depth, the legal minimum.
  • You require a change of tyres for a particular use, e.g seasonal or off-road driving.

What types of car repairs do you carry out?
We have the necessary mechanical expertise and equipment to conduct car repairs on all aspects of your vehicle, from a clutch replacement, to fixing faulty brakes, cambelts and gearboxes. Horley motorists see us a one-stop solution for vehicular maintenance and repair, and one that values transparency and honesty above all else.

Do you have an issue with brakes, cambelts or gearboxes – or need to book in car servicing, MOT testing or car repairs at a reputable garage near Horley? Call us today on 01293 278 346.