Quality Automotive Services at Competitive Prices, Including Car Servicing & MOT Testing in Crawley | JA Autos

JA Autos provides a comprehensive range of automotive services out of its Ifield garage, on the outskirts of Crawley. So it’s no wonder that motorists from throughout wider Crawley visit us for car repairs (such as clutch replacement), car servicing and MOT testing – as well as for specialist help with cambelts, gearboxes, car air conditioning and DPF cleaning. Below, we’ve looked to provide a helpful overview of all our services in one place, so domestic and commercial clients alike can quickly see whether our team of seasoned mechanics are able to help with their particular needs.

How We Help Our Crawley Clients

Car Repairs – First and foremost, through mechanical intervention when disaster strikes. It might be an issue with engines, gearboxes, cambelts, tyres (punctured or otherwise damaged), car air conditioning – or a sudden fault that calls for a clutch replacement. Priding ourselves on our honesty and transparency, we’ll talk you through our findings following the initial diagnostics phase. We’ll then give you a competitive, costed quote on the recommended car repairs. Sometimes, it’s something that can be carried out on the spot. But if a vehicle needs to stay in, we can arrange courtesy vehicles to ensure Crawley customers’ lives can proceed uninterrupted!

Car Servicing – The most essential aspect of proactive vehicle maintenance, car servicing involves essential checks to vital components such as cambelts, tyres and gearboxes – as well as an oil and filter change, to keep things running smoothly. Interim car servicing, full annual car servicing and major car servicing are all offered at our Crawley garage, and are available at a discount rate when packaged with MOT testing. As with car repairs, we offer a pick-up and drop-off service should you so require it!

MOT Testing – On the subject of MOTs, we are DVSA-approved MOT testing facility with five Level 3 qualified testers on site. This allows us to quickly, yet accurately provide MOT testing for a real range of vehicles – specifically class II, IV, V and VII. Once again, our collection and drop-off service is available, and you’ll find that our prices are more competitive than those you’ll find at large competitors e.g dealerships and fast fits around Crawley.

DPF Cleaning – All diesel vehicles are fitted with diesel particulate filters, which look to reduce emissions by capturing and storing soot. They do however, get blocked. If a vehicle isn’t running for long enough periods at high speeds, then the regeneration that automatically runs to unclog DPFs may not be working; these processes can also fail due to technical errors that warrant car repairs. In these cases, we can manually clear yours out via DPF cleaning, restoring functionality.

…but these are just a few of the services we provide our Crawley clients. For more specific, tailored information on our car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing, call 01293 278 346.