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On the outskirts of Crawley, in Ifield to be precise, JA Autos operates a fully equipped independent garage popular amongst Horsham motorists. They come to us to save money on car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing – which are typically more expensive at national fast-fits and dealerships. But the savings you make won’t impact the quality of work you receive. We have over half a century’s trade experience, making us the ideal choice for anything from car air conditioning re-gassing, to the fitting of new cambelts, tyres and gearboxes, DPF cleaning or a clutch replacement.

Below, we’ve looked to provide some tips for these Horsham customers to encourage year-round vehicular health, in the form of some simple dos and don’ts. If you’re more interested in booking in with us for car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing or DPF cleaning, call our friendly team of seasoned mechanics on 01293 278 346.

Some General Dos and Donts Around Automotive Maintenance

Do Invest in Regular Car Servicing
Some Horsham motorists are suspicious of this advice coming from garages; after all – of course they’d be urging you to part with your money! But we’re just echoing the wise advice of your vehicle’s manufacturer, and encouraging you to take heed of your service manual. Most will say to invest in annual car servicing every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first, and interim servicing ever 6,000 miles on top of that (or every 6 months) if you’re a heavy road user.

In fact, your warranty is often tied to maintaining a car servicing history, making it doubly important. Car servicing benefits include being safer on the road, better fuel efficiency, smoother performance, maintained vehicle value and more. It’s also a great chance to check-up on elements such as tyres, gearboxes, cambelts or car air conditioning.

Don’t Put Off Investing in Car Repairs
So away from the proactive, and toward the reactive. Let’s say you’ve noticed a niggling issue with tyres, gearboxes, cambelts or car air conditioning. It can be tempting to put it in the mental to do list: “to deal with later”. But many a Horsham motorist has found that these issues have quickly and significantly worsened in the time it takes them to get to a garage like JA Autos. This can turn minor repairs into something far more significant, like a full blown clutch replacement.

Instead, come to our garage for expert diagnostics. With ECU reading equipment and similar modern technology, we can identify the cause of the problem in no time at all. Our quotes and advice will be free and no obligation, and all our explanations transparent.

Do Consider DPF Cleaning if You Drive Diesel
Diesel vehicles are still fairly common around Horsham, but due to it being a fairly suburban area, a lot of driving is fairly stop-start. This is an issue as diesel particulate filters, which are an essential part of all diesel engines, clear themselves out via an automatic regeneration process which only kick in after travelling a fair way at high speeds. If the dashboard light corresponding to your DPF illuminates, visit us for manual regeneration. We’ll use equipment at our garage to trigger the process, unclogging your DPF so it works perfectly, reducing your emissions and improving performance.

Don’t Drop the Ball With MOT Testing…
Book in early! JA Autos can even notify Horsham residents who use our garage for car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing etc. when their certification is about to expire. This gives you an extra warning, and time to book in for MOT testing at a time convenient for you.

For more advice or to book in for any of our services – from DPF cleaning to MOT testing, car repairs to car servicing – Horsham customers can call 01293 278 346.