Reduce Emissions & Improve Performance via Our DPF Cleaning in Crawley & West Sussex| JA Autos

If you drive a diesel engine your vehicle will be fitted out with a diesel particulate filter, or DPF. This captures and stores exhaust soot to reduce overall engine emissions. They eventually become full and need to be cleared out manually, or via an automatic process called regeneration, where the soot is “burned off” as you drive. Motorists in and around our principal service areas of Crawley, Horsham, Horley and Gatwick may find that the dashboard warning light that signals a clogged DPF has turned on. If this is the case, visit JA Autos in Ifield at your earliest convenience, as waiting too long could lead to serious damage and the need for car repairs / component replacement.

Blockage often occurs due to you using your vehicle for many short journeys at low speeds. This is because the automatic regeneration process typically requires you to be travelling at fairly high speeds, for an extended period of time. The DPF cleaning process we undertake for Crawley, Horsham, Horley and Gatwick motorists is often referred to as forced regeneration, and is a way of bypassing the requirements for automatic regeneration; it’s also useful if your vehicle is not automatically cleansing its DPF even during long drives at relatively high speeds, due to a fault.

You might think – well why don’t I just remove my DPF? But this has long been illegal, and carries with it some serious fines and punishment. What’s more, if testers find that a DPF has been removed during the course of an MOT, it’s an automatic fail. So it’s a much better idea simply to check in at JA Autos when your DPF is blocked up. DPF cleaning is a quick, effective and affordable process that will ensure your diesel vehicle is running efficiently, and without risk of mechanical damage or excess emissions.

To book in DPF cleaning at Crawley, Horsham, Horley and Gatwick’s local specialist, call the JA Autos team on 01293 278 346.