Local Mechanics Repairing & Replacing Gearboxes in Crawley & West Sussex | JA Autos

Gearboxes – or transmission systems – have the essential task of transferring speed and torque to ensure your vehicle has the requisite power to travel particular terrain, e.g up hills or along flats. Both automatic and manual gearboxes are fairly complex components, and as such a lot can go wrong with them. So it’s important to have a team of mechanics to turn to should yours begin to play up. One such team is JA Autos in Ifield, near Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley.

We carry out both repairs and replacements of automatic and manual gearboxes. Some common repairs are detailed further down this page. Keep in mind that as a general rule of thumb, manual gearboxes offer more control and are cheaper to repair, benefits attached to having to pay more attention and be far more active while driving.

Manual Gearboxes

Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley motorists visit us not just for repairs, but for the reconditioning of manual gearboxes. We attend to the vast majority of makes and models of vehicle, and pride ourselves on the competitive prices we offer, as well as the high standard of work our team carries out. Some of the most common issues that manual gearboxes experience include:

  • Low Transmission Fluid Level
  • Leaking Transmission Fluid
  • Unusual or Burning Smells
  • Grinding or Juddering
  • Difficulties Shifting Gear
  • Whistling Noises
  • Warning Lights Illuminated

It’s worth attending to faulty gearboxes as soon as you notice something the matter. Delaying could make matters worse, and lead to more expensive repairs or the need for total replacement. Our estimates are free and no-obligation.

Automatic Gearboxes

If you drive an automatic in Crawley, Gatwick, Horley or Horsham, JA Autos can help when trouble strikes. The same symptoms experienced with manual gearboxes apply, so keep on the lookout. Sometimes it’s simply minor work that will be required, which can often be carried out on the spot – like a transmission fluid flush.

But if you do require more extensive repairs or gearbox replacement, keep in mind we will only ever use OEM parts which come with 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantees (whichever comes first).

For assistance with faulty gearboxes, call in to JA Autos near Crawley. We’re easily reached from nearby Gatwick, Horsham and Horley – and all other areas of West Sussex.